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How to maintain and maintain gear box

How to maintain and maintain gear box

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Maintenance personnel need to check the oil surface of the gearbox every day, check the filter 2-3 times, but also need to check its oil pressure, oil temperature and check whether there is leakage of its oil tank.
After the gearbox has been in use for some time, it needs to be cleaned, its operating system checked, and whether there is oil infiltration in the cooling box.
After a long period of use, it is necessary to check the overall external bolts of the gearbox and the protective cover of the cooler.
When the marine gearbox runs for a period of time, it needs to be changed for the first time. This time, it needs to be changed for a shorter time. The time needed to change oil in the later use can be longer, but not more than a year at most. If there is any problem in the oil change process, you can ask some professional staff. Before changing the oil, users should also pay attention to cleaning the fuel tank and cleaning with oil.
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