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Product characteristics of precision casting for large gears

Product characteristics of precision casting for large gears

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Precision casting is a label of high quality. Nowadays, more and more machines and accessories need the technology of precision casting to realize the technological breakthrough of product level. Generally speaking, the precision casting products such as large gears not only contain the hard work and sweat of founders, but also achieve the unified standard of the industry, and their main products are special. The symptoms can be expressed as follows:
1. Castings have high dimensional accuracy, which can reach 4-6 Grade 20 mm plus or minus 0.13 mm, 100 mm plus or minus 0.30 mm, 200 mm plus or minus 0.43 mm, while small parts are not easy to reach positive or minus 0.10 mm. Angle tolerance of 0.5 - positive and negative 2.0 degrees, thin-wall thickness of the castings can be achieved 0.5 mm; surface roughness is small, about Rmax-12S, can greatly reduce the machining allowance of the castings, and can achieve no margin casting.
2. The casting materials of the products are unrestricted, stainless steel, stainless iron, alloy steel and carbon steel can be blended as required to meet the requirements of engineering technology (rust prevention, hardness, surface, mechanical properties, etc.).
3. Investment casting can produce products with complex shape and other processing methods that can not be formed.
4. Investment casting has high flexibility and adaptability. Precision casting can be used not only in mass production, but also in small batch production, and can be repeated in many batches.
If you have any doubts about the precision casting technology of large gears and other products, you can inquire about small telephone.