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Turning green manufacturing gears with green lighting

Turning green manufacturing gears with green lighting

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China's industrial energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of the country's total energy consumption, and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) of the pollutants discharged by industry accounted for 37% and 87% respectively. Therefore, the effectiveness of industrial energy saving and emission reduction is directly related to the realization of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" energy saving and emission reduction goals. The replacement of energy-saving equipment has become a necessary condition for enterprises to develop and improve their competitiveness.
Philips Lighting is committed to providing comprehensive energy-saving lighting products for various industrial manufacturing areas. It advocates the concept of "green factory" in the industrial sector. It also advocates the use of energy-saving and efficient lighting to create a green production environment for the industrial sector and help enterprises to improve efficiency and green performance. Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nangao Teeth") located in Nanjing Jiangning Science Park is the leading enterprise of wind power transmission equipment in China. As a leading enterprise in the new energy industry, Nanjing Gaoya has also made continuous improvements in improving its energy efficiency, opening the era of green manufacturing with more energy-efficient equipment. In Nanjing's high tooth factory, Philips'green lighting has brought bright, comfortable, safe and reliable lighting, creating a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly green production environment.
Green gear 1: durable, stable and safe lighting environment
For a considerable number of industries, in order to ensure a stable lighting environment, the factory needs a long time to light, some need 24 hours a day to keep bright. If the lighting product is premature failure, it will affect the visibility of the plant. PHILPS lighting develops corresponding lighting solutions for the factory's internal environmental characteristics. Nangao Teeth has many high ceiling factory buildings, the height of which is more than 11 meters, the replacement of light sources and lamps need to rely more on machinery, not only trouble but also affect production. Therefore, the choice of lighting products should take into account the reduction of maintenance and safety and stability. "According to the environmental characteristics of the plant, long life, long-term, stable and reliable operation is the primary condition for us to choose lighting equipment in the area." Kong Ruijun, director of technical transformation Office of Nanjing high speed gear manufacturing Co., Ltd., said in an interview.
The energy-saving lighting scheme with high efficiency and long life can greatly reduce the energy consumption, maintenance and replacement costs of the products after installation, thus reducing the maintenance manpower and producing twice the result with half the effort. In addition, voltage fluctuations will also affect the use of lighting equipment. Durable lighting can ensure continuous production and improve efficiency.
According to the lighting requirement of NangaoTeeth workshop, Philips chose Eurostandard metal halide lamp HPI as the main lighting source for NangaoTeeth. At present, most of the factories in the five high tooth factories in Nanjing use Philips Euro standard metal halide lamp HPI, the total number of 45,000, not only natural light and color, so that the factory looks bright and spacious, but also long-term stable and reliable. The average HPI life of the PHILIPO standard metal halide lamp is as high as 20 000 hours. What is more outstanding is that the PHILIPO standard metal halide lamp HPI light source has excellent light path maintenance rate, ensures the lighting effect during the whole operation, reduces the cost of replacement and maintenance, especially suitable for use in high ceiling lighting environment.
Green gear 2: open the "green manufacturing" demonstration window with energy saving.
Nowadays, environmental issues are increasingly concerned, and "green manufacturing" has become the development trend of the manufacturing industry. The equipment manufacturing industry is gradually stepping into a new track of "green" manufacturing, which can save energy, reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. Lighting is a part of industrial production costs, the choice of energy-saving green lighting equipment can also play an important role for enterprises to open source and throttle. As an industry leader, Philips Lighting is committed to promoting green environmental protection, reducing energy consumption and other aspects, striving to achieve the best lighting effect with the smallest energy consumption, providing a series of energy-saving lighting solutions for industrial lighting from light sources, lamps to control systems, tailor-made applications for different industries. Kong said: "in terms of energy conservation, we advocate practical and effective. On the one hand, by using more energy-efficient lighting products in lighting equipment, I think high-end is not the best, mature products can bring the most effective energy-saving, on the other hand, we need to cooperate with relevant energy-saving techniques, such as turning off the lights, making full use of natural light and so on.
In the past, the traditional lighting products used by Nankao Teeth were usually 250W, 400W mercury lamp and 250W high-power energy-saving lamp. After being tested and compared with the actual use, the PHILIPO standard metal halide lamp HPI was approved by Nankao Teeth with reliable quality assurance. Therefore, Nangao Teeth has adopted 250 W Philips Euro standard metal halide lamp HPI instead of 250 W, 400 W mercury lamp and 250 W high-power energy-saving lamp. Comparing the three lamps with 250W power, the mercury lamp consumes the most electricity under the same illumination effect, and the Philips Eurostandard metal halide lamp is more efficient and energy-saving than the mercury lamp; compared with the high-power energy-saving lamp, the Philips Eurostandard metal halide lamp is better in life, and the Philips Eurostandard metal halide lamp H. The life of PI can reach 2 years, while the high-power energy-saving lamps usually only have 6 months or so. From the actual effect of the Philips European Standard Metal Halide Lamp HPI used in the Nangao Tooth Factory, the Philips European Standard Metal Halide Lamp HPI has brought a long-term and stable bright environment for the factory, thus improving the visual attention and work efficiency of the workers.
Promoting green manufacturing requires enterprises to achieve universal energy-saving in their own production links, and also to improve the corresponding level of equipment to improve the efficiency of enterprises from manpower, stable production and other aspects. After rapid development and expansion, I