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ChangSha lkerui gear machinery CO.,LTD.

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Gear processing range

The company has a complete set of gear processing equipment (hobbing, gear shaping, shaving, honing, grinding) and testing equipment.Cylindrical gear processing modulus is 1-12mm, gear precision reaches 5 grade GB10095-88, and the annual output of medium modulus gear is more than 300,000 pieces.

Our company has more than 50 years of experience in the gear industry
Our 5-stage gear accuracy is up to level 5 GB10095-88
The company produces 300,000 medium-modulus gears annually.
We have more than 100 sets of gear processing equipment and testing instruments.

Production equipment

The company has more than 100 sets of gear processing equipment and testing instruments.

Worm gear grinding machine: 2 Swiss electronic worm gear grinding machine RZ400

6 sets of domestic CNC gear grinding machine YK7236A   1 forming gear grinding machine YK7332

Testing equipment: 1 gear detector JE42   1 German MAHR gear testing center

1 set Germany ZEISS three coordinates   1 VECTRA-TOUCH altimeter

In addition, our company also has a complete set of semi-automatic processing equipment such as CNC car and CNC grinding.

Process technology

The company has a technical department that integrates product design and process research. All equipment is computer controlled and can be designed with a variety of gears, gear components and gearboxes.

The technical department has more than 20 engineers and technicians including researcher-level senior engineers. The company has mature gear processing technology. With the grinding process, the gear accuracy can reach GB5. We can carry out the modification according to the design requirements, and the machining precision can reach GB7 or above. Our company's honing processing technology is at the domestic leading level, with the ability to design from honing wheel, casting, to gear boring and worm boring. The machined tooth profile of the honing can greatly improve the performance of the gears. For heat and surface treatment, we use carburizing, quenching, nitriding and other processes to meet the needs of different products.

Our company undertakes the design of parts for a CVT gearbox. Due to the high noise requirements of the gearbox, it has special design requirements for the tooth profile and tooth direction of the gearbox (see Figure 1). Our company fully meets the design requirements of the parts by designing a special wheel-shaping wheel (see Figure 2) and by adjusting the angle of the diamond wheel.

Classic case

Figure 1

Figure 2